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Yes on curtains but I think they need to be white.

Andy Porter

What a difference! It looks absolutely gorgeous and the curtains look great too!

Thanks for sharing your room with us!

Poppies at Play


I LOVE what you've done with your bathroom. It looks great! I really like the curtains too but not for that particular space. The wall is already visually broken in two by the board and batten so having a curtain that has 2 parts too (solid brown on top and the design on bottom) makes the space look too choppy and less serene. I would pick a curtain that is solid throughout or has a uniform pattern throughout. Great work!


I love the way your bathroom turned out!! It looks so good! In fact, you've inspired me to redo my bathroom! So, I'm wondering, how did you do your cabinets? Did you paint them or stain them? What kind of paint? Any tips would be GREATLY appreciated!!! I'm so excited!!! My email is crushmomma3@yahoo.com. THANK YOU!!!

Shandon Smith

If it were my bathroom (which I wish it were!), I would toss the drapes and add plantation shutters and trim. :)


Love your bathroom! We want to do something similar. I definitely like the curtains more than the blinds, have you considered shutters?

I was wondering, did you just frame your existing mirror, or get a new one? Our vanity (we tore it out) was similar to yours and our mirror was like your old one. I'm trying to decide if I want to have it framed or just donate it.

toilet cubicles

I vote for no to curtains, instead you could use blinds with a different color so that your bathroom won't look dull. And also, if you have a white painted bathroom I suggest you should use colored towels and other accessories to make it quite lovely but don't overdo on putting designs.


NOPE, Your bathroom looks SO classy/elegant now. I think the curtains make it look country bumpkin. I wouldn't change a thing, you have done a marvelous job!

הקמת בריכות שחיה

Beautiful curtains shared here. I like all curtains. In my house there are many curtains according to it's designs and shapes. I like your curtains with attractive pattern.

Della Morris

Not loving the curtains so close to the tub. What about a natural fiber/woven shade in a color that ties in with the vanity and adds another texture?


I love your bathroom! It's almost the exact style that I am going for. Can I ask what color paint you use for your walls?

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