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My vote is yes. It finishes it off. I would say if no curtains, maybe some trim around the window. I know you would love more work with trim! It looks great!


So pretty Ali .. love your new master bath .. the curtains too!

Pam @ Our Adventures in Home Improvement

I love the curtains! I think they tie in to the vanity so well and soften that window.
I'm sure not getting sick of seeing pictures of your beautiful master bath! Keep posting them!


Curtains, absolutely as it adds a lot of style to the room. They help to absorb sound and frame the window. What color is the rod? If it's brass, spray it out to the brush nickle. You could even go with a rod that is perhaps a bit chunkier and or a darker metal finish. Then the rod would not be the focal point. I love your bathroom pics too! Thanks for sharing with us!


Def. keep the curtains - they look wonderful in the bathroom. Such a beautiful bathroom - can you come do mine????


I like them!!!


I like the curtains and the bathroom. It looks fantastic!


Yes. The curtains add a finished look to a beautiful room. Love your blog - thank you for sharing!


My vote is yes. They add a certain amount of elegance & romance without being over-the-top. The bathroom looks beautiful.


Love!! The board and batten is gorgeous. The curtains are pretty but what about making something that is just towards the top of the window? I love the wall color too. What color of paint is it?

Ruth H.

Definite yes on the curtains! They really tie the dark brown from the vanity with the blue on the walls. If you are worried about the length, you could always hem the into valances.


I say yes to the curtains...have you tried tie backs...maybe see how you like that look too. Thanks for joining my newbie party.


Uh Oh. I was thinking no. Sorry but I like the clean look especially with the white and wondered about a valence. I really don't have great taste so I'm not sure you ought to listen to me though...lol...


Hmmm. I keep going back and forth! I love the pop of brown to accent your vanity/mirror, then I think maybe a simple white or sheer to keep it "clean," since the rest of the bathroom has such a crisp look. I think either way you will be happy. The bathroom looks amazing! What blue is the paint? I just painted my bedroom Pacific by Pratt and Lambert. About to do my bathroom walls a dark chocolate and the ceiling the same blue from bedroom.


Oh my Goodness your bathroom is to die for!! It is gorgeous no wonder your in love.The curtains add a nice pop of color to the space. I'm a new follower. I'd love it if you stopped by for a visit.


Your bathroom looks amazing! I like that window better without the curtains but either way looks great! Great job on the bathroom!!


I think your bathroom is gorgeous!! The curtains look good, and it looks good without them. I can see why you can't decide!!
I'm here from Debbie's party, and I'm your newest follower!

Lynn at Cottage and Creek

I love the curtains - but then I love fabric and I think it adds a nice, warm touch to the room. Your bathroom is beautiful. I'm jealous! I have a totally pink 1950's bath right now that's about 5' x 5' aka SMALL! You did a great job!

Lori @ mudpiestudio.blogspot.com

Yes on the curtains! It softens that side of the room and gives a balance to the brown on the sink side of the room. =) Can you email me and let me know where you got them!??!

Inspire Me Heather

Yes on the curtains - it ties in and balances with the colour of your mirror and cabinet! I just love the Sea Salt colour too, my dining room is the same colour and there are so many accent colours that go so well with it for decorating with the seasons - orange and red and chocolate brown are my favorites!


My first visit and I'm commenting already!
YES to the curtains!!!


I think putting up some dark bamboo blinds would add texture and look great. You wouldn't be "married" to curtains and it would be a little more "modern" than blinds. I've replaced all my blinds with the bamboo blinds and they look great with everything.

Just my 2 cents!


I am new to your blog. Love the board and batten treatment and the Sea Salt paint (I just painted this color too!). I personally think the room looks cleaner without the drapes, but either way the room looks wonderful.


Hello, I found your blog on home tours and love your bathroom, myself I'd use a white sheer, maybe with in imprint(white on white) of a leaf or sea shells. I agree that the curtains finish the room but to me they are to heavy but that's just me and my 2 cents worth:)
Have a great day!


Have you thought about getting shades that close from the bottom up?

SJ :)

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