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OMG, the rooms are so small. Tyson is such a great kid, he'll do well. Hugs to you. Have you seen the cry session at TCC? LOL


How exciting for Tyson. Gotta love Cali and all the beautiful palm trees... looks like a beautiful place. So glad that you could see Karyn and Shanna. Big hugs to you, as I can't imagine how sad it was to leave him there and fly home. Hang in there!!


WOW, I've never seen a dorm room before and they look great to me.
I feel bad about you leaving him though! He'll have so much fun! hang in there! love love love the pictures!!


I see he has a great 'entertainment' center with large TV - of course oh so important to these college boys ;). His dorm room is very nice. Hope you are doing well. I know it so hard leaving them that first time!



I've been thinking about you a ton. What a tough thing to do. You've done a great job with him though. Hope he has a great experience there. Hang in.


that looks like a great college campus! oh he's going to have to much fun!!! and he'll be home before you know it for the holidays! i can't believe how small the dorms are! he's a great kid and you have been such an awesome, fun mom, he'll be fine. but i can't imagine sending my boy off to college! i remember my mom crying like a baby the day she did the same for me. i bet there were tears of pride mixed in there. i hope i am around to cry for my kiddos when they go off to college!
what an experience he'll have!!! love that last photo of him. he's so handsome!!! and you look FABULOUS!


marlo knox

Well, looks like you made it. What has it been, about 3 weeks now? When Val moved out to go to school she was only 1 hour away. I cried for months. I made sure to go see her every weekend. She's still an hour away and there's not a day that goes by that we don't at least talk several times. Plus see each other every weekend. I think our relationship is much stronger and closer than it's ever been. Even Jim and Val. Hang in there girl. He's a great young man!

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