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Congrats to Tyson. So many exciting things to come!


Yeehaw!!! It's a beautiful school. Can't wait when you are in Cali more often. You'll have to bring Madi and take her shopping at Victoria Gardens. She'll love it there.


Congrats Tyson. I checked out the website and the college looks awesome. Can you believe our boys are leaving us? I don't know about you but I am starting to freak out a bit! ugggg


Congratulations on Tyson's choice! I love the Redlands area. My brother's girlfriend is from Redlands and she loves it. There is a great little downtown with a farmers market and quaint shops. You'll love that he has all of the access to southern California without living IN L.A. You can breath a little out in Redlands. How exciting!


congrats! that's very exciting! and what a beautiful campus!! you must be so proud!!! he's going to love the southern cal weather and lifestyle i think!!!

i can't wait to follow his collegiate career! i can't believe you're going to have a child in college!


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