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oh thank goodness you posted, I was beginning to worry. We are having the same weather as you. Monday it was almost 70 degrees, then the next two days we had snow and wind. Makes for cold ball practices. I'm guessing Tyson is headed to California, how exciting. Thanks for posting, gotta have my Ali fix. :o) Lisa


Just so you know I'm still reading! I'm guessing somewhere in Cali. ????

I've received 2 Utah calls and got so excited, thinking it was you...turned out to be telemarketing. So bummed.


so where's tyson heading? my old alma mater???????? i'm dying to know!!! stop slacking and dish!!! ;)

wow, you must be so proud of your kids. life sounds so exciting and fun. there's nothing i like better than being a sideline mom, whether it's dance, or sports! i hope i see my kids play/dance in high school!

way to go molls!



WhooooHoooo!! I'm guessing it's Cali! Yeah baby! I've got an extra room, you can bunk here anytime.

Love all the high school highlights. Seems like forever since Val was in school. Now I have to wait another 2 years for James. I love living the high school years through you.

Hugs....and hey, I still check your blog all the time. I look forward to all the updates.


okay, i'm waiting!!! I'm guessing its not Mass!!!LOL
Cali is my guess too!!!

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