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Love your blog and photos of your son! What a great idea! Been peeking around and you're listening to some of the same stuff I am lately! Thanks for coming to visit my blog and leaving comments. I love to log in and see your name and cute face! I can't believe we've never met in person because it really feels like I've known you for years, and known you quite well! It feels like we've been friends forever! I would love to meet you in person and give you the biggest fattest juiciest ucla hug! maybe someday eh? i hope you and your lovely family have a happy new year. your kids are getting so big and my are they cuties! what great subjects you have to photograph!!! can't wait to visit you here more!


WOW, 18yo! Where did that time go?!? Love the pic! Tyson is soo handsome-tell him HB from me too! Hope you have a Happy New Year! I miss ya tons, but love this blog as I can read what is going on in your life. Your home was beautiful for the holidays!!!!
Take Care, Ali! xoxo Jean


Isn't it strange to think that we have 18 year old kids? I remember when they were 8, eeek, time flies. I hope Tyson has a great birthday and a super new year to you all.


Happy Birthday Tyson!!! Enjoy your 18th year!!

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