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Jill Franklin

Hi Ali!
You're looking fabulous my dear! ...and feeling good makes all the difference in the world! As does having a great support team.
I've not had any major surgery, but as I get older, I am starting to feel my knees doing strange things when I run. :/
My exercise of choice is running. I haven't always been a fan of running until recently. It took me a handful of times where I would start, stop, start, stop, etc. After three years of yo-yo running I can honestly say that if I miss a day...I miss it.
I'm glad you're on your way to recovery. Rest while you can and one day you'll be writing a post about how it seems like forever ago that you were missing being active. :)
Love seeing your smile on here, facebook, and IG! Maybe we'll get to be roomies again soon, ya think?
Talk to ya later,


You are a trooper! Keep healing <3<3<3

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